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Saturday, February 18, 2006

BP 57 tracklist

From bodypumpnew.blogspot.com.

Track Number - Artist - CD Information

01. Come To Me - Tina Cousins - Come to Me (2005) (Australia)
02. Paris to Berlin (Extended Version) - Infernal - Paris to Berlin (International Edition)
03. Push It - Garbage - Garbage Version 2.0
04. Everytime we Touch (Original Mix) - Cascada - Everytime we Touch (Original Mix) [CD SINGLE]
05. Take Your Mama - Mig Vs. Rizzo Mix - Scissor Sisters - [CD 12" Single]
06. Pump It - Black Eyed Peas - Monkey Business
07 I Want You - Paris Avenue Feat. Robin One - (Denis The Menace & Jerry Ropero Bangin Remix)
08. Rock Star (Clean Edit) - N.E.R.D - In Search of - (Advise Parental Guidance.)
09. Don't Cha - Pussycat Dolls - Now Music Volume 20
10. Unbreak my Heart- IL Divo - IL Divo

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

BodyPump 57 - Pump it!

So, this is what I know about the tracklist so far... well, my only source is this BP-blog. So, BP 57 is only few days away, at least in Australia. Here in Finland we have to wait longer. Here in Oulu "the day" is 26.2.

I'll update the tracklist as soon as it's released. I will have the time to learn the lyrics before the release gets here. So, the instructors are propably a bit surprised when I start to sing along from the bery beginning...

Compared to BP 56 the new release is fresh, aggressive release with songs that make you move! All right!

01. Come To Me - Tina Cousins
02. Paris to Berlin - Infernal
03. Push It -
04. - Cascada
05. - Scissor Sisters
06. Pump It - Black Eyed Peas
07. -
08. Rock Star - N.E.R.D
09. Don't Cha - Pussycat Dolls
10. - Il Divo

I just fell in love with "Pump It" by Black Eyed Peas as I heard it in the last BodyCombat release. I can say that's how I "found" Black Eyed Peas and listen to their album "Monkey Business" almost every day till I get enough.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Tough decisions in life ;)

Now, if there's someone out there, I need your help. And yes, this is very much BodyPump-related!

I recently broke up with my boyfriend and I'm moving out in a month (this is still BP-related, just wait...). The distance between home and gym will increase - from 1,7 km to almost 3,5 km. Doesn't sound like a long and winding road, BUT. Also the distance between home and school will be much longer.

SO, what I'm trying to say is I'm going to spend more time walking/riding a bike from place to place. And it makes me wonder if it's worth it. I have my dog (yeah, I'm going to be a single mom) at home waiting for me while I'm travelling from place to place. And the time travelling is also away from the time studying at home...

And I HAVE to go to school, even though BodyPump is more fun. Shit.

I'm SO addicted to BodyPump. And BodyCombat, BodyBalance... and other awsome classes I'm used to having in my schedule. I know I'll be doing other stuff if I end up leaving the club I'm a member of - I love running, water aerobics, and I would love to get back to my old hobby with horses. And I would also be able to start a new hobby with my dog (two with one stone!) - dog agility.

Feels like killing a friend by even thinking about not having BodyPump three times a week. In Oulu it's too darn expensive to go to BP classes without membership. Is this the end of an era? Do I get something new and better or just lose what I love? Will I end up with fat ass?

You, addicts, should know how I feel... ;)