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Friday, May 04, 2007

So it really is me in front of the class...?

I passed the BodyPump training last weekend. It was so much easier than BodyCombat training which was mentally very tiring experience - everything was so new, new place, new people. But the hardest part was to believe I can do it - I was like in the Idols competition and afraid to only get embarrased. "What if I think I'm good, but in reality I totally suck". But it was a competition
only between me vs. me.

Well, some people are attending to my BC classes week after week so I can't be a 100% failure... So I had more trust in myself this time in BP training. It was physically easier as well - I did BP classes on Monday and Wednesday to get my muscles really familiar with the moves so they wouldn't hurt after the training weekend. And they didn't. Much.

The point is - my biggest obstacle on my way to achieving my every single dream is in my head. I can do it. Dammit. I can.

I've already had few BP classes this week and I'm so excited. Can't believe I love it so much. BodyPump, my first love with Les Mills... When I started this blog I had absolutely no idea I would actually be there in front of the class - and nobody would shout "hey what are you doing there, we're waiting for the REAL instructor".

This is truely a dream come true. Every time I push "play" in the class to start a new track, every time I tell people to fight like there's no tomorrow, every time I go home after a class or two. Even when I do something wrong, forget the choreography or say something stupid, I feel blessed to be there, being able to be only a human making mistakes, but getting better, trying to make people happy and strong.

I have not achieved a lot in my life. Well, I do study to become a nurse and it's really what I want to study - but sometimes I feel it's an endless journey. I do appreciate my relationships a lot and I give my all to people I care about. There is a huge amount of work behind my relationship with my boyfriend after some serious problems we have had to cope with. But becoming an instructor and growing as one - it's something I do on my own, but with a help of everyone who even talk with me about excercising or Les Mills or instructing or BodyPump or BodyCombat and so on. Or reads my blog and shares a comment. Please do.

After some really tough times in my life I got depressed - maybe that's why I haven't been updating this blog. I'm better now and instructing is one thing that gives me a feeling of some kind of satisfaction. Instructing is something I'm proud of. I wanted it and I got it. If only I would believe I can get anything I want. If only I didn't put any more obstacles in my head to make my life more miserable and push my dreams further and further.

I'm trying to update more often from now on. At the moment I have so much to think about, there is propably more to share with you as an instructor than as a participant. Instructing is really a challenge for me, as I try to become better and better and make my classes enjoyable. I'm fresh, new instructor, so there is so much to learn. Well, isn't that what life is about - you live, you learn?

New releases are here in Oulu, Finland, in 20.5. My first workshop as last time I just ordered the BodyCombat 31 DVD because there was no workshop in Oulu that time. So, I'm really excited! Meeting all those people, fellow instructors, and being a part of that... that's just great.

I wish you sunny May and happy days with laughter and sweat!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Swiss army knife?

Read some thoughts about BodyCombat 31. I still haven't done it, and I'm still waiting for the DVD to arrive. I have the music already, CD was sent to the gym earlier. At least I like the music a lot.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Dream Coming True

I passed the basic training to become BodyCombat Instructor few weeks ago and I've had some classes since then. Participants already gave me some very motivating feedback and I feel very natural in front of the class and really enjoy instructing and giving my best. My next classes are in this week on Saturday and Sunday. I don't have a regular class of my own - yet.

I'm very excited and looking forward to learn the new release BC31 when I get the DVD in the beginning of March. Sadly Les Mills doesn't have training for that release in the city where I live in and it's more than 300 km to the nearest training. I'm a student and can't afford travelling all day for few hours training - I don't have the time or the money. Some instructors are going by their own car but they are leaving so early in the morning and I have to be at school... which is my number one priority right now.

I have to tell you that being able to instruct the whole class through has given me a lot more self-confidence in life. Fortunately the answer for my question "do I have what it takes?" is very likely YES. If this is actually happening, maybe there are others dreams achievable as well.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

BodyPump 61 tracklist

Track List
01. Love Changes (Everything) (Original Radio Edit) - Musikk feat John Rock
02. Walk On Water (Flip & Fill Remix) - Milk Inc
03. I'm Not Dead - Pink
04. Miracle (Extended Mix) - Cascada
05. Sexyback (Clean Version) - Justin Timberlake
06. Audioslave - Original Fire
07. Somebody's Watching Me (Hi_Tack Radio Edit) - BeatFreakz
08. Uprocking Beats - Bomfunk MCs
09. Déjà vu - Beyonce feat Jay Z
10. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

BodyCombat 31 tracklist


01. Ready 2 Go (Stagediverz Restarted Radio Mix) - Stagediverz
02. Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) - Bob Sinclar
03. Save Your Life! (Warp Brothers Radio Edit) - Black Spider
04. 2 Dream - Pistolet
05. You Give Love A Bad Name - Group X
06. Bad Reputation - OneZeroOne
07. U + Ur Hand (Clean Version) - Pink
08. We Rock - Group X
09. Back In The UK - Scooter
10. Bite The Dust - The Pussycat Dolls
11. Hero - Chad Kroeger feat Josey Scott

source: http://www.fitpro.com/bts/latest_release.cfm?program=BODYCOMBAT

Saturday, January 13, 2007

BodyCombat Sizzler 31

Team spirit comes to the fore in this great new class that instructors will find easy to learn and teach and members will love for its martial arts focus and authenticity. Team teaching will bring out the best of the class where two or more instructors can work together - they can inspire huge group energy when they dress alike and showcase the unique skills that each member of the team has to offer. A single instructor can also inspire team spirit with appropriate cueing that keeps everyone working together.

BODYCOMBAT 31 starts off to the powerhouse start, so fighters beware! You need to work easy through the scissors and keep the Decoys low to avoid peaking too soon, then let the drums in Rock This Party drive the rhythm of the strikes in the lower body warmup.

The first combat track is all about firing your best-ever Roundhouse Kick and working with Black Spider's hugely powerful Save your Life!

Then it's time 2 Dream about the ultimate boxing workout in Power Training 1 - heart and lungs will beg for mercy before you're finished.

Capoeira, Jump Kicks and Evasive Side Kicks are back in the house at Track 4, with Jabs, Uppercuts and Speedballs to follow when training resumes to the high-intensity Bad Reputation, from OneZeroOne.

Foot position is key in the new Muay Thai track - it'll allow you to create and use maximum momentum in the strikes.

Next up is an ultra-long training track to test and build your endurance.

Fighters focus on timing perfect pushups to the Pussycat Dolls' Bite the Dust and wind up another awesome class with Katas and Chad Kroeger's inspirational Hero.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

BP 60 + BB 35 + BC 30 tracklists

BODYPUMP™ 60 (December 2006)
Invincible - Carola
2 What’s Up - Zander feaet Alexis Hart
3 Have a Nice Day - Bon Jovi
4 Africa - E-Type
Who Knew - Pink
6 Flaunt It - TV Rock
7 Angel - B*P*M, 2004
8 One Night In Bangkok - Vinylshakerz
Hips Don’t Lie - Shakira
So Far Away - Amici Forever
Cherry Pie - Warrant

BODYBALANCE™ 35 (December 2006)
Winter In July - Bomb The Bass
Wild Butterfly - Balligomingo
The River - Live
4 Breathe Me - Sia
5 No Worries - Simon Webbe
Release The Pressure - Leftfield
7 You Got The Love - The Source feat. Candi Station
8 Nobody Knows - Pink
9 Bathe In The River - The Mt Raskil Preservation Society feat. Hollie Smith
Protected By Angels - Stephen Rhodes
Timeless Nature - Stuart Jones

BODYCOMBAT® 30 (December 2006)

Apache Rocks The Bottom! - Scooter
Somebody Told Me - The Killers
2 We're Not Gonna Take It - Group X
Shooting Star - ColorBox
4 Rock Me Amadeus - Zen Dog
5 Shock To The System - Billy Idol
Bring The Noise - Double Dutch
We Will Rock You - Nick Skitz Remix
Paradise - Hixxy & Re-Con
Paradise City - Guns N' Roses
Because We Believe - Andrea Bocelli & Marco Borsato

Monday, September 04, 2006

BodyStep 65 tracklist

...from Spanish BTS forum.

BodyStep 65

01 - When Will I Be Famous - Rhythm Twins
02 - Watching You (Original Radio Edit) - Rogue Traders
03 - Just What I Needed - KopyKatz
04 - Round And Round - OneZeroOne
05 - Run It - Colorbox
06 - Be Good Johnny - Southern Light
07 - Dirrty - Reliable
08 - 25 Miles - Dynamix
09 - BreakThru - Maximum
10 - Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pure Essence
11 - Come Rain Come Shine (A & L Original Extended Mix) - Jenn Cunetta
12 - No Worries - Simon Webbe

BodyBalance 34 tracklist

...from Spanish BTS forum.

BodyBalance 34

01. Anything But Strong - Eurythmics
02. Goodnight Moon - Shivaree
03. God's Top Ten - INXS
04. I Belong To You (Il Ritmo Della Passione) - Eros Ramazzotti & Anastacia
05. Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
06. Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
07. We're Running Out Of Time - LeAnn Rimes
08. Hearts - Sugababes
09. Fix You - Coldplay
10. Crystal Clear - Daniel Otsuka
11. Heaven's Awake - Stephen Rhodes

BodyCombat 29 tracklist

...from Spanish BTS forum.

Body Combat 29

01 - Thank You - Fexter / Smells Like Teen Spirit - The Warp Brothers
02 - Action - Def Leppard
03 - Fly Away - Maximum
04 - Blade - Warp Brothers feat Red Monkey
05 - Wasabi - Lee Harding
06 - Vogue - Paffendorf
07 - The Trooper - Group X
08 - Heartbeatz - Styles & Breeze feat Karen Danzig
09 - Bounce, Shake, Move, Stop! - M.V.P
10 - Broken - Seether feat Amy Lee

BodyPump 59 tracklist

...from Spanish BTS forum!

Body Pump 59

01 - I Surrender - Nick French
02 - Simply Irresistable - Robert Palmer
03 - Pump Up The Jam - Technotronic
04 - Paradise - E-Type feat Na Na
05 - A To The B - Infernal
06 - Time 2 Move (Kortezman Vocal Version) - Porno Vs Hannah Jones
07 - Like The Sun (Radio Edit) - Trinity
08 - Pretty Vegas - INXS
09 - Sweet Home Al - B.A.M.A
10 - I Belong To You (Il Ritmo Della Passione)- Eros Ramazzotti feat Anastacia