Pump it up!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Coming soon - BP 58

In Oulu, Finland, the next release date is 27.5. when all new Les Mills-programmes arrive.

From http://www.lesmills.com.au/home/everyone/revolution/revolution-200604.pdf

Continuous improvement has been a constant hallmark of BODYPUMP and this new class is no exception. It's packed with great new songs and more ways to get the most out of this incredible weights-based workout. A special focus on shoulder alignment will help people engage their muscles more effectively and develop better posture - both during the class and in daily life. A new move combining frontal and lateral raises is fun to do and delivers the goods in shoulder conditioning. Pumpers warm up to upbeat I'll Be Your Light from Kristine W and start to feel the load with Republica's Drop Dead Gorgeous in the squats. Love Shack is an awesome tune for the chest work and Motiv8 do just that with Riding on the Wings in the back track. Great sounds from Pink, Breathe and BodyRockers make the workout fly past, with You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban delivering a well-earned final stretch. This class comes with a strong emphasis on correct technical instruction - providing participants with the guidance they have sought in their feedback - and with plenty of Les Mills' trademark "exertainment" appeal.