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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Where has all the pain gone?

Remember the pain you had the next morning after the first class of BP? And maybe few times after it? All muscles, as sore as they possibly could ever get. And now that you've been doing it regularly, there's nothing, not a thing.

Muscles get used to the routine. How can you possibly keep your exercise challenging?

The BP class was full yesterday so I had to go to the gym to do my "routine" which I have done only couple of times before (a long time ago...). It felt like a piece of cake and was done in about an hour, but today my back hurts, my biceps hurt... in a way they have not hurt in a long time. I was affected by the outcome - I wasn't actually trying that much, but it sure feels like something happened.

Everytime I try something new I feel afterwards like "oh yes, I have done something". Like when I started running. Oh my legs... but now I can easily jog (I don't actually run like wind...) from 30 minutes up to an hour and no pain afterwards.

I want to give my body something it can feel!